Replica Military Medals

We can produce replica medals and ribbons for Australian military personnel. We can source and recreate medallions from the Boer War through to current issue military medals including gallantry medals, both military and civil.

replica medal australia
replica medals australia

Why Replica Medals?

Why replica medals? When some people find out the value of their original medals they are usually surprised at their value. The loss of original medals can be devastating for the owner or the family of the original recipient. In some cases the medals can not be re issued and it is likely that the family will never see them again if stolen.

We recommend that you keep your original medals securely locked away and that you use replica medals to wear in public as unfortunately theft of medals from homes and from jackets worn on ANZAC Day or other functions is not uncommon.

Quality Replica Medals

At National Medals Pty Ltd we understand that the quality of replica medals is very important, that’s why we actually have 90% of all our replica medals specially manufactured for our use. Our strong and premium quality replica medals make the perfect alternative to using your original medals.

As well as replica medals we also have all the clasps and rosettes for Australian medals, as well as replica badges such as the Rising Sun, shoulder titles, Infantry Combat badges and Army Combat badges.

For more information on medals and ribbons, please go to the web site of The Department of Defence Honours and Awards.

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