Family Military History

Military History Research

Trace your family’s military history with our military research service. Our researchers can supply you with research notes on Australian Service Personnel. These research notes give an easy to understand report of where a soldier served who with etc, as well as listing their medal entitlements. So if you don’t know what medals a relative was entitled to, we can carry out the research for minimal cost.

Military Framing Service

At National Medals we can put together a family military history display like those shown below. These are perfect to display in your home or office and a striking tribute to a previous generations’ service to their country.

Replica Medals & Badges

We can supply all the replica medals & badges as well as an engraved plaque with the individuals name and brief service details outlined. We put together our display frames for customers all over Australia so we can do it all by phone and or e-mail.

Military Photos

If you would like to include a photo or photos in your frame, then you will need to supply an original or send us a scanned image. If the photo is too large or too small, has cracks or tears, we can take a copy of the original and have all those issues taken care of. We can also remove any backgrounds that may distract from the main focus of the photo.

military image framing
Framing service australia
Military image framing

“Thank you for the military history of when our grandfather joined, it is lovely to have to go with other parts of our family history. My sister and I thank you for your help in getting the information – it is very much appreciated.”

Ray P

Military framing service

“Thanks for the wonderful frame of our father along with his medals, we are so happy with them we only wish we came to you first.”

Liz T

Image framing service

“Thank you for a job well done. The frames look great. My son will be contacting you this week now that he has seen mine. Once again, thanks very much.”


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