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National Medals is Australia’s leading provider of custom made medals and medallions. Our mission is to work closely with our customers from design through to delivery to ensure your experience with us is easy, straight forward and hassle free, while providing premium quality, customised medals at a competitive price.

Customised Medallions for Special commemorations, sporting events, corporate recognition

Custom Medal

Why National Medals Pty Ltd?

We are a privately owned boutique medal business that specialises in the supply of custom made or bespoke medals and medallions and replica military medals.

You will deal directly with the owner of the business ensuring you receive quick and direct action to your enquires.

With over 25 years specific experience in the design, manufacture and supply of premium quality custom made, bespoke medals and medallions, we work directly with you from the design of your medals right up to their delivery.

Here we outline the various services we can offer you with regards to your medals and the step by step process from design to delivery.

Regardless of your budget, occasion or the number of medals you require, National Medals Pty Ltd is committed to supplying custom made medals or medallions that will surpass your every expectation at very competitive prices.

Custom Medallion Production Process

Art work can be sent to us via e-mail or as a hard copy. If you require your logo or emblem to feature on your medals or medallions then please send it to us for compiling the final art work of your medal. If you don’t have your emblem or logo on file you may like to check with your printer as they usually have what we require on their files. We are able to accept the following files jpeg, pdf & ai.

Reference material: If you would like your medal or medallion to feature say, a building or an image of an individual, then we will require a photo or a picture from a book or magazine to work from. The quality of the image on your medal will largely depend on the clarity of the reference material you send to us. Reference material can be sent to us electronically or as a hard copy.

You will get to see the final art work before we go into full production. If you have any concerns regarding art work or reference material please let us know.
reference material

Customised Medallion Service
Custom medal service
Personalised medallion service

“Die” / Mould Making

We are able to supply your medals or medallions as a 2D or 3D image. If your medal or medallion requires an image of an individual or say a building then these are best shown as 3D on your medal, and the reference material you supply is how we achieve this. The “die” or mould is what the medals are made from which means that the design on your medal will be exactly the same regardless of it is the first or the last one made.

Stamping or Moulding Process

This is where your medal is actually made. In the stamping process a metal blank (disc) is placed in between the front and back “die” and pressed together under significant pressure so that the metal from the blank flows into the design areas of the die.
In the moulding process, hot metal is injected into the mould where all the design areas of your medal are filled in. This metal then cools and released from the mould.

Merit medallion
Iraq medal

Production Samples

If you would like to view a production sample of your medal or medallion then we can do this for you by way of an actual sample in your hands or a photo of your medal sent to you electronically. That way you get to see your medal before we go into full production. A small fee may be applicable for the sample but we would let you know this cost before we start.

The Plating or Finishing Process

This is the last step in the manufacturing process of your medal or medallion. Each unfinished medal is individually cleaned and polished before it’s plated. There are a number of different options with regards to the type of plating that will best suit the design of your medal or that best suits your needs.

Bright Finish

The bright finish can be in bright gold, silver or copper. Depending on the design we usually recommend that the detail in your medal be raised and polished with the background of the design being a sandblast or stipple effect. In doing this you are able to achieve a contrast between your design and the background of your medal to ensure the design is the main feature.

Antique Finish

This finish is an oxidizing process whereby the medal is but into a special solution that turns your medal black in colour. The medal is then hand polished and in doing so the black is removed from the high areas of the design and the lower areas are left in the darker colour. This again gives you a contrast in the design detail ensuring that your design is the feature of your medal.

custom medal plating


We offer a number of different packaging options. Your medals can be packed into presentation cases, velvet pouches, premium wooden cases, in cards or plastic cases.
We can also print your logo on these cases or pouches if you require it.

medal packaging

Custom Ribbons & Cords

We can supply your medals to hang from custom designed ribbons or cords. We are also able to print or weave your logo or any other information onto your ribbon.

Custom ribbon design
Custom sports medal design

Medal Framing Service

Our medal framing service includes production of engraved plaques with personalised messages. If you would like your medals or medallions to be individually framed for a special presentation please inform our team and we can arrange this for you.

War Medal framing Service
Medal engraving service

Medal Engraving

If you require all or some of your medals to be engraved then we can do this for you also.


We usually ship orders using a courier, if you have a preferred courier that you use please let us know. Smaller numbers of medals can also be sent via post.

Custom medals & medallions

Quality Customised Medals

There is something quite special about a beautifully hand crafted medal or medallion to recognize achievement, service to an organization, commemoration of a special event or reward sporting prowess. Simply a handcrafted medal or medallion is something that will last forever!

At National Medals Pty Ltd we know that a medal is more than just a piece of metal with a design on it. It is a piece of art individually hand crafted to accurately represent your design or emblem.

At National Medals Pty Ltd we are passionate about medals and medallions right from design to delivery, we will work with you through each step to ensure that your experience when ordering medals from us is simple straight forward and hassle free.

Custom Sports medal design

Get a Quote for your Custom Medallions

We would welcome the opportunity to quote you on the supply of your custom made medals or medallions. Please contact us for a quote by e-mail, , phone, 07 3871 0600 or post, 13 / 200 Moggill Rd Taringa 4068. In order to submit a competitive quote, let us know the following information:

  • Approximate quantity required,
  • Preferred size required,
  • The type of preferred presentation required, for example, if ribbons or presentation cases are required
  • The type of art work or reference material you can send us

If you require any assistance on any of these issues please let us know and we will gladly help in any way we can.

Custom Medal Design Australia

The images on this page are just a few examples of medallions that National Medals Pty Ltd has been commissioned to supply to numerous organizations and societies throughout Australia.

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